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Vantaset™ to take performance transformation software global

After 30 years of development, Vantaset’s world first performance transformation software solution is set for global expansion.

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Vantaset, a leading New Zealand performance transformation company, announced today that following its migration to a Platform-as-a-Service offering, it’s ready to make its people-first technology available to organisations globally through agency agreements with key international partners.

Vantaset’s performance transformation framework, which has been successfully applied in over 60 organisations over the past 20 years, is set to be made available to both the public and private sectors in key markets through international partnerships with the likes of Corporate Value Associates, World Policing Limited, and former Olympian Anthony Mosse as its US Ambassador.

Craig Steel, Founder of Vantaset says the next step for the company is its expansion into new markets through licensed partnerships with industry experts in Canada, the United States and Great Britain.

“Following these agreements, we can now make our deep-tech solution available to organisations in other markets to help them lift their performance while giving them a proven answer to the future of work.”

Craig Steel
Principal and Founder

Steel says that in the first instance, Vantaset will focus on critical agencies in the public sector as well as mid-to large-scale private sector organisations in both the tech and financial services sectors.

Bernard Rix, Chair of one of Vantaset’s partners, World Policing Limited (WPL), says they’re excited to introduce the product to the UK as they see their technology as a game-changer for the sector.

“Given the demonstrable impact their technology had on New Zealand Police, we are confident it can be implemented in other Law Enforcement agencies around the world to help them improve the performance of their respective forces.”
— Bernard Rix

Steel believes Vantaset’s impact on elite athletes has been instrumental in helping businesses across industry unlock the potential of their workforce.

“The fact is, an organisation’s performance is largely a consequence of its people’s performance; so giving them a mechanism to transform the way they operate not only allows them to be far more ambitious in terms of what they’re trying to achieve, it gives them a framework to bring the desired changes to life for their people.”
— Craig Steel

One of the things that attracted WPL to Vantaset was the impact their technology has on people on the ground which, in the world of Policing, is critical to improving public trust and confidence.

Vantaset believes its migration to a Platform-as-a-Service offering will allow more organisations to apply their technology to transform their performance rather than trying to figure out how to squeeze more out of their people as they might have done in the past.

At the end of the day, Steel says the drivers of both human and workplace performance are the same which is why he believes the tools they developed to help elite athletes win on the world stage can equally be applied to business irrespective of its size or industry.


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