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Global strategists CVA partner with Vantaset™

Making Vantaset performance transformation software available to international markets.

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Leading global strategists Corporate Value Associates partner with Vantaset to help organisations transform their business performance during a time of economic austerity.

New Zealand-based performance software company Vantaset says it has partnered with Corporate Value Associates (CVA), a leading global strategic advisory firm to make its performance transformation software available to international markets.
CVA is a boutique global advisory practice which provides a high level of personalised service and advice to help clients future-proof their business, reshape their value proposition and ultimately, improve their strategic execution. In New Zealand, CVA is highly respected for its expertise in the Primary sector.
Vantaset’s CEO and Founder Craig Steel says CVA’s unique business model and exceptional strategic capability make them a perfect Delivery Partner for our software.

“CVAs reputation for providing high quality strategic advice and innovative thinking to help organisations improve their performance is a perfect match for the delivery and deployment of our performance software in both Australasian and global markets.”

Craig Steel
Principal and Founder, Vantaset

Steel observes that although much of CVA’s focus in New Zealand is on primary industries and financial services, they have extensive experience helping global organisations compete in both established and emerging sectors.
“CVA also partners with some of the world’s leading companies in the delivery of breakthrough ideas across Tech, Financial Services, Auto-mobility, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Energy Generation, Food and Manufacturing; highlighting their unique point of difference as a top-end consultancy for future-focused businesses.”
CVA New Zealand’s Managing Director Alex Guilleux said Vantaset’s potential to help organisations better connect their workforce with their strategy while simultaneously transforming their ability to execute is second to none.

“We’re excited to work with the Vantaset team which we see as a progressive step for our business.”

Alex Guilleux
Managing Partner, CVA

“The current recessionary environment is a challenge for most companies, so to be able to offer a world-leading performance software solution to help clients unlock potential across every level of their business is invaluable as strategic execution is more important than ever.” says Guilleux.

Guilleux also adds that partnering with platform-based products like Vantaset is familiar territory.

“This is ideal as it will give our customers a proven framework to improve their competitiveness across each of the markets we assist.”


About Corporate Value Associates
CVA is a leading global strategy firm with over 35 years of experience helping organisations around the world reshape and create new business models for their clients.

They are experienced across a multitude of ecosystems including Agri-Food, Auto-Mobility, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Mining and Commodities.

CVA’s founding vision of creating a premier consulting firm that is focused on helping their clients future-proof their business makes them a perfect Vantaset Delivery Partner for both public and private sector organisations in the Australasian market.

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About Vantaset
Vantaset is a New Zealand based performance transformation company, founded 30 years ago by Craig Steel. They started off examining the principles of human performance which eventually led to the development of a performance pathway for elite athletes.

Following its success in sport, Steel was asked to share his insights with business leaders which eventually led to a series of high-performance frameworks for business which they have since digitised under the brand Vantaset to make them available to a global audience.

Their ‘Police High Performance Framework’ introduced by the former Commissioner Mike Bush was heralded as one of the most successful Policing transformations in history which is why it caught the attention of the likes of WPL given it’s now in a format that can be made available to Law Enforcement agencies globally.
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