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What is Vantaset™?

An interview with Jo Kelly – Former CMO, Vantaset.

Vantaset Jo Kelly CMO

How did Vantaset come about?

Craig Steel had worked in the performance industry for over 30 years prior to creating Vantaset. He started out as a race technician in the ski industry before developing a performance pathway or framework to help elite athletes perform to their potential; essentially to help them understand how to transition from a national champion to world champion.

Since developing his process, he has helped New Zealand athletes amass more than 20 World Cup and World Championship titles between them. 

Following his success in sport, he was invited by a number of business leaders if he could do for their executives what he was doing for athletes, which led to the introduction of the programmes that are now available through Vantaset.

The first company to trial his process (Telecom Business Directions) increased their sales by over 400% in four months proving it could be applied in business – which led to over 50 executive engagements within the next few years.

“Vantaset is a PaaS-based performance software solution designed to help CEOs transform their organisation and the outcomes it delivers.”

Craig Steel
Principal and Founder

What is unique about Vantaset?

Vantaset is informed by Craig’s findings or observations on human performance that enable organisations to become true high performing entities.

His experience working with dozens of elite athletes revealed to him how an individual’s mindset dictates the results they achieve. His research on athlete capitulation in particular revealed to him that the world’s best athletes think in a fundamentally different way than the majority. By embedding these learnings into a framework, it enabled Craig to teach those he was assisting how to think and perform like the world’s best.

As an example, the athletes who have used his framework have produced personal bests on average 87% of the time they’ve competed in Tier 1 events in comparison to the international average of 8 – 10% for those using international best practice. Further to this, 100% of the athletes who started using his framework achieved a personal best within 2 weeks of applying it.

What Vantaset does is enable organisations to apply the same framework across their entire workforce to become a more competitive and successful business rather than trying to squeeze more out of their people which is what most organisations end up trying to do.


How is Vantaset different from other performance tools or management software?

Vantaset is unlike anything else on the market – although there are four key differences that really stand out.

  1. Firstly, it’s the only product on the market that aligns what Craig referred to as the ‘5 Drivers of Workplace Performance™’ – Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Capability and Performance Management – which not only allows organisations to align these things with their strategic vision but replace what are typically disconnected, compliance-based processes with proper people-first practices. This helps organisations reduce both cost and complexity while ensuring greater collaboration between departments – as well as helping individual staff members develop a much deeper sense of relevance and connection to the company which, of course, are critical to improving their performance.
  2. The second point of difference is that it’s powered by the human performance tools Craig developed for elite athletes which completely change the way organisations think about their people – as well as the way individual members of staff think about themselves and their ability to succeed. Deploying it has a really profound impact on the performance of a business.
  3. The third difference is that it’s a leader-led process which not only makes it a lot more efficient to deploy than conventional programmes, it makes it far more engaging for staff because it allows leaders to use their own people to drive the change rather than using people from outside the business to come in and do it for them.
  4. And four, it’s a distributed ‘peer-to-peer’ platform which essentially allows organisations to put the tools to drive the change in the hands of every person rather than say a centralised HR-type system which tends to be seen by staff as a compliance tool to manage them or planning software that’s really only useful in managing projects.

Vantaset (Vaan-ta-set) is an amalgam of the words ‘advantage’ – due to the performance advantage our programmes offer and the word ‘set’ – due to being informed by a set of tools and frameworks.

Jo Dickson
Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Why do CEOs or business leaders need Vantaset?

The productivity challenges facing business leaders today are the very reason why they should be looking at a system like Vantaset.

The fact is employee engagement and productivity issues are not new. What is new, however, is that there’s a far greater need for organisations to find better ways to address them. 

To create a high-performing business where every individual understands their purpose in the organisation and strives to deliver it, requires leaders to not only engage in a completely different way but have access to proper performance-focused operating models to achieve it. They also need to understand that their organisation’s performance is a consequence of their people’s performance which only they can ultimately change.

For these reasons, businesses need to be thinking about how to build a future-fit business that can out-perform the market rather than worrying about how much time they’re prepared to let them have out of the office and what impact that might have on their bottom line.


What countries do you operate in?

Most of our testing has been completed in New Zealand but we’ve helped companies in Australia and elsewhere for over a decade although we are in the process of securing agency agreements with a number of industry leaders in the UK, Canada and the United States which will allow us to make it available globally.


If you’d like to look at how our Performance Transformation Programmes can help you become a people-first business, call us on +64 9 522 9409 or email us at



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