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Self made

It is important we accept we are the creators of the life we lead.

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As a follow on from last week's discussion regarding the ‘The secrets to our success’, it is important we accept we are the creators of the life we lead.

Successful people understand they have the capacity to make the day they are in productive. They know they have what they need to either deliver value or move ever closer to realising the outcomes they are after; for when the life of an individual is examined, it is clear it is but a consequence of them.

Despite the fact most of us fail to see the connection between who we are and what we experience, there is no denying the simple truth that we are the only constant denominator in our life.

Yes, other things play a part and indeed other people may be involved but nevertheless, we each experience what we create.

Although self-responsibility can be hard to reconcile, it offers life changing opportunities if we choose to leverage it.

For those who understand that what they create in their minds shapes the life they lead, the term ‘self made’ makes sense.

Tragically however, the vast majority of us will instead just proceed through life doing the best we can but because of the way we think, we will assume we are each but a victim of circumstance.

In other words, the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is they understand nothing needs to change outside them for their life to improve, they know they simply need to change the way they think in order to improve the outcome.



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