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The 5 things you most need to know to improve your people’s performance

Knowing how to improve the performance of your people is critical.

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Given business performance is a consequence of human performance, knowing how to improve the performance of your people is critical.


To help you improve the results your team delivers, here are the 5 most important things you need to get right.

  1. People aren’t machines – they are human beings. Treat them as such and they will produce extraordinary things.
  2. The vast majority of employees want to add greater value than they currently are. For this reason, ensuring they understand what you are trying to achieve and how they can help you achieve it is your responsibility; hence you need to clarify their purpose in the business and the outcomes they need to deliver.
  3. Their work has to be meaningful to others to have meaning to them. If people think their work is meaningless, they are unlikely to pursue it with vigour. If on the other hand they know how critical their role is to those you are trying to assist, achieving high quality performance and engagement is easy.
  4. In order to win, the mind-set or ‘culture’ of your business has to be seen by you as the key to your organisation’s success. For this reason, it’s not so much about what you offer, it’s about the way you enable your people to deliver it.
  5. People like to be challenged but resent being judged. The more you challenge your people and their performance, the more they will know that you believe in them. The less you challenge them, the less relevant they will assume you think they are. In other words, if your people know they are the key, going further is what they’ll strive for. If, however, they see you judging them or their performance, you need to accept that you’ve lost your way as a leader and with it, your ability to influence.



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