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Preparing your plan

Following yesterday’s discussion about the formation of a life plan, this post explains how to do it.

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Following yesterday’s discussion about the formation of a life plan, this post explains how to do it.

Although the eight facets I mentioned yesterday typically exist, they will be different for each of us depending on our priorities or points of interest. For this reason, it isn’t about trying to spread our time equally across all of them or finding a ‘balance’ as life coaches suggest. Instead, it’s about ensuring you are clear about your intent so you know what the life you’re endeavouring to live or create looks like.

To prepare your plan, I recommend you start by summarising your intention for each facet in terms of what you ultimately want to do, experience, achieve, or contribute.

Once you are clear about your intentions, you can then think about where you want to be at a particular point in time. This could be by the end of the year or in two or three years’ time. From there, you would then think about what you will need to do within the next three months to achieve your desired outcomes.

The value of this approach is it prevents the unattainable quest for balance most people presume they should strive for and instead, allows you to gain absolute clarity as to what matters so you know what you want your life to be like and therefore, where and how to invest your time and energy.

Once in place, all you need to do is continue refining your mid-term outcomes followed by the short-term activities you will need to focus on to achieve them.

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