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Cultural transformation

The key to organisational success is to enable staff to be ever more successful in their roles.

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The key to organisational success is to enable those who work there to be ever more successful in their roles.

As obvious as this is, the problem for most businesses today is they are becoming increasingly homogenous in terms of their behaviour rather than sharper and more deliberate.

As Bill Gates once said, ‘The people who keep him awake at night are the kids tinkering in the garage’ not the corporates who operate in Microsoft’s space. The reason he said this is because most large-scale employers, despite the talent they’ve got, can’t change because of the cultures they have built.

Although it’s vital we aim to establish consistency in terms of the service we provide, our customers want us to be deeply engaged and stunningly good. They don’t want us to follow the line, they want us to help them realise the outcomes they are after.

To deliver on such a promise, we need to enable our people to not only focus on producing the right outcomes, but understand they as an individual are critical to our success as a business.

If we can shift the dial in this respect, they will feel (and be) more valued and therefore take greater responsibility for being what we need them to be, not just doing what they’re told.

For this reason, the question we need to ask ourselves is ‘What are we doing to enable our people to create the right mind-set to progress?’

In other words, are we aiding their development or simply observing their behaviour?

For an organisation to advance, its people have to care more going forward than they have in the past. They have to think more about what the organisation requires from them in order to behave in a way that delivers it. They have to focus on the outcomes our customers want them to deliver not retain a distance to keep themselves clean.

If an organisation is to penetrate the clutter, they have to start thinking about their culture as the enabler of their success, not as a nice to have; hence transforming the way ‘we’ think and behave as an entity is the answer to the challenges we’re trying to address.



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