Craig Steel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Craig Steel

Craig’s lifelong passion for human performance led to a ground-breaking discovery that explained why some athletes won while the majority fell short.

These observations led to the development of Pro-Sport, a revolutionary performance improvement process for elite athletes. Following the release of Pro-Sport, Craig was invited to assist many of New Zealand’s leading athletes, helping them amass more than 20 world cup and world championship titles between them.

Following his success with athletes, Craig was asked if he could share his insights with business leaders – essentially to help them do for their people what he was doing for athletes. These early engagements led to the development of a suite of transformational leadership programmes to help organisations realise a breakthrough in workplace performance.

The first organisation to test his process (Telecom Business Directions – now Spark) increased their sales by more than 400% within four months, against a target of 5% – confirming his process could be applied in business.

The success of the Telecom programme led to the Steel Performance System™ being deployed in more than 50 of New Zealand’s most respected businesses within the next few years. Because of its impact, virtually every chief executive Craig assisted asked him if they could use his process as an Operating Model to transform the performance of their entire workforce. Since then, Craig's team has spent the past decade building what many believe are the world’s best high-performance frameworks for business which they've now ‘digitised’ under the brand Vantaset to make them available to a wider audience.

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