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Why your success matters

At Vantaset, we believe a person’s success is governed by what they contribute, not what they gain.

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At Vantaset, we believe a person’s success is governed by what they contribute, not what they gain.

When viewed this way, it becomes increasingly obvious that the more a person contributes, the more successful they will be.

Interestingly enough, it’s those who think about success through such a lens who are not only happiest, but ultimately the most successful in their particular pursuits.

For years we’ve been told that success is about what we have. That it’s about the cars we drive, the homes we own and the lifestyle we lead, even though research tells us those who chase such things are less happy than those who give their time to causes they believe in for free.

So what’s the answer? How can a person today become ever more successful when the responsibilities for most offers little time for anything else?

We believe the answer is simple. Do more today than you did yesterday. In other words, think of your success as the value you add rather than what you get out of your efforts.

The more you give in terms of yourself, the more successful you will be. This doesn’t mean opting out of your role to do something more meaningful or having to forfeit luxuries in every sense. It’s about doing what you do in a more intelligent and meaningful way.

The more people think about the importance of their success to those they support, the better off they and their benefactors will be. Critically, this is true irrespective of ‘who’ we support; whether that be our partners, our children, the organisations we work for and/or the communities we serve or reside in.

At the end of the day, the success of a nation is determined by the success of its citizens. In a modern world, this won’t be determined by the few, it will be governed by the masses. If you are not convinced, ask yourself the question ‘who benefits from your failure?’

The more successful you are, the better off you are – as will be those you are responsible for. In other words, the more effective you are, the more you will enable others to do the same and so it goes on.

As governments around the world seek answers to global challenges, the more we wait for our problems to be solved.

The fact is, ‘we’ are the answer; for every one of us has the potential to ‘do’ more because we have the ability to ‘be’ more. The more we are, the more we can achieve; and therefore contribute to our respective nations.

As we are often reminded, we each have a choice. We can either be our best or abdicate responsibility for what we do and experience to someone else. The more we take responsibility for being what we could however, the more successful we will be.

As president John F. Kennedy once said ‘it’s not what our country can do for us, it’s what we can do for our country’.

If we are to advance, ‘your’ success is not only relevant to you, it’s critical to the rest of us; hence being your best is the best thing you can do.



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